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Therapy Chat

Welcome to Therapy Chat podcast! Whether you're a therapist or not, you'll be fascinated by the discussions on this podcast, which focuses on emotions and well being. Baltimore area clinical social worker Laura Reagan, LCSW-C, specializes in trauma related to family of origin issues and trauma. Laura interviews psychotherapists, authors and other experts about psychotherapy, mindfulness, trauma, worthiness, perfectionism, self compassion, attachment, parenting, self care and much more. Find more about Laura at . 


Oct 31, 2015

In this episode, a follow up on the discussion from last episode about the loss of an important relationship, Laura Reagan, LCSW-C discusses the concept of forgiveness. Is forgiveness necessary to repair broken relationships? What if the other person never asks for forgiveness? Is it possible to heal without forgiveness? What does true forgiveness really look like? Laura offers thoughts for consideration and resources to help with forgiveness. If you're a fan of Kristin Neff's work on self compassion you will enjoy this podcast. Great for people who have experienced childhood trauma, struggle with feelings of unworthiness, and have difficult relationships with family.