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Therapy Chat

Welcome to Therapy Chat podcast! Whether you're a therapist or not, you'll be fascinated by the discussions on this podcast, which focuses on emotions and well being. Baltimore area clinical social worker Laura Reagan, LCSW-C, specializes in trauma related to family of origin issues and trauma. Laura interviews psychotherapists, authors and other experts about psychotherapy, mindfulness, trauma, worthiness, perfectionism, self compassion, attachment, parenting, self care and much more. Find more about Laura at . 


Oct 22, 2021

Welcome back to Therapy Chat! This week we are celebrating 300 episodes. Therapy Chat Podcast started six years ago in August, 2015. Since then the show has been downloaded - as of today, which is October 18, 2021 - 4,296,070 times. Host Laura Reagan, LCSW-C thanks everyone who has listened, whether this is your first time or you've listened from the start, and everyone in between.

Today, to celebrate the 300th episode Laura shares some of the resources she recommends to people again and again. This list will be published on the Resources page of the Trauma Therapist Network site and will be updated as more resources are developed and as Laura learns about more resources that are out there.

The information is organized into groupings based on whether the resource is focused on healing after trauma; training for therapists wanting to work with children and adults who have experienced trauma; and finding a therapist to help after experiencing trauma.

Listener participation opportunity: 

Share Your Favorite Resources in an audio message here! Or go to and use the help bottom at the lower right of the page to send a message telling us what your favorite resources are and why you love them.

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