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Therapy Chat

Welcome to Therapy Chat podcast! Whether you're a therapist or not, you'll be fascinated by the discussions on this podcast, which focuses on emotions and well being. Baltimore area clinical social worker Laura Reagan, LCSW-C, specializes in trauma related to family of origin issues and trauma. Laura interviews psychotherapists, authors and other experts about psychotherapy, mindfulness, trauma, worthiness, perfectionism, self compassion, attachment, parenting, self care and much more. Find more about Laura at . 


Sep 19, 2015

In this episode, Certified Daring Way™ Facilitator Laura Reagan, LCSW-C offers an overview of Brené Brown's 10 Guideposts for Wholehearted Living from her bestselling book The Gifts of Imperfection. It was this book that started Laura on her own journey to wholeheartedness (still in progress!) and she shares how the Guideposts helped her live more authentically with a feeling of connection with her soul's purpose.  Tune in as she briefly explains the Guideposts. 

Jan Southern
seven and a half years ago

Great podcast, Laura. Real food for thought. I especially love your comment how what was below your neck was closed off to your mind and awareness.